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Marlé Blu is an artist/entertainer who is on the rise, having grown up as a military brat, she was born in Austin, Texas but moved shortly thereafter to Tucson, Arizona where she lived between the ages of 1 and age 8. After her father received military relocation orders, she and her family moved to Warner Robins, Georgia where she lived during most of her growing up years.  In 2005, Marlé Blu moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she has resided ever since.

Marlé Blu was a very advanced child and was placed in Honors classes from third grade until she graduated high school.  She then went on to graduate from Georgia State University, in Atlanta, with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

As a child, Marlé Blu spent a lot of time writing short stories and poetry. She loved to tap into her imagination and come up with creative plots. In middle school, at age 12, she began turning her poetry into raps. Her hobby for rhyming words became a love for writing lyrics and making music.  As an 8th grade student, Marlé Blu was a regular call in on the freestyle radio show entitled “Who Got the Flava” hosted by DJ Skillz on 97.9 WIBB.

Marlé Blu’s journey through music has been one filled with many learning experiences, growth, and accomplishments. She was the winner of the talent contest “Encore 3,” (which was hosted by Hood Rich’s DJ Scream,) and beat out approximately 25 other acts that all auditioned for the show. She was also the 2014 recipient of the Hot Block Magazine Award Show’s Hottest Female Rap Artist. She has since been featured in the notable Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and has attained her very own Pandora Radio Station. Her unique sound, mysterious aura, and catchy hooks have made her a household name amongst music lovers.

Marlé Blu has a newly released EP entitled “GIRL CODE” which can be purchased on iTunes,, and several other websites.  Her leading hit single “Came to Party” is creating a major buzz in the streets, on the radio, and online and has helped turned her into a much sought after artist.

Follow Marlé Blu and see what all of the hype is about!