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Dj Luminati born & raised in Saginaw, Mi. After serving 6 years in the U.S. navy Dj Luminati returned home and now resides in Flint, Mi. Dj Luminati started djing in the year 2,000 in Jebel Ali, it all started from a bet with a good military friend while hanging out at a night club. Luminati was tired of hearing and seeing the Dj not mix tracks properly & basically ruining the whole night, so he took it upon himself to go up and try to Dj and that’s when the Dj Luminati evolution began. Luminati was the #1 Dj in Manama, Bahrain for 16 months straight. In which he had a vision to expand himself & take his career to another level. He has put together over 25 industry mixtapes & over 400 industreets mixtapes across the state of Michigan and a variety of other cities, states, & countries. Luminati has formed a very strong alliance with up & coming independent artist to establish the future of our music industry. Dj Luminati has worked with Street Report Magazine a hip-hop & urban culture magazine which is based out of Atlanta, Ga to help shine a light on independent music. He has also worked with Digi prozs a promotional branding company  & Blastadanation Magazine to help independent companies, businesses, & artist get the exposure that’s needed to help expand their visibility.

Luminati has been put into nomination for a variety of  awards such as; The Salute the Djs Awards, Justo Awards, Duval Diamond Awards, The Sea Awards, The Review Magazine Awards, & The Justo Awards just to name a few. Dj Luminati has been featured in magazines such as: Street Report Magazine, Muzic Swagg Magazine, Tweetertainment Magazine, Da Hype Magazine,  Hood Illustrated Magazine, Hot Block Magazine, Makin’ It Magazine, & various blogs and websites across the nation.
Dj Luminati is one of the hottest Djs to come out of the Saginaw & Flint Michigan area. You may have seen Luminati Djing in many parties, venues, arenas, clubs, & concerts & a variety of other functions.
Dj Luminati was a featured Dj on 94.3 Fm for the Jack Frost Mixshow Live. Dj luminati’s motto: 1 God, One love, 1 Family Dj Luminati has worked closely with Dj crews such as Blok Club Djs, Xsquad Djs, International, Dj Trade (IDJ), Nerve Djs & Djs United, to help break artist’s music on a nationwide level & bring the essence of music in general back to any & every genre of music. As well as open up a variety of opportunities and many different ventures along the way. Dj Luminati has geared up to help bring good quality customer service & professional visual videography work back. He has created Luminati Films to help bring companies, businesses, & artist dreams to reality!

Thankx in advance for all your love & support! Stay Blessed!
Dj Luminati

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