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Felecia Poolé a native of California has worked as an Operations Manager in the airport concessions industry for 30 years. She is the mother of two, and the grandmother of eight. She is a mentor with My Sisters Keeper, a nonprofit organization for youth girls ages 8-18. She advocates and encourages mentorship.

She is a new and upcoming author. Her novel In the Midst of the Storm, (They Call Me Stormi) was nominating for in the margins: Best books for Teens list. Her coming of age novels are a must read for women of all ages. Her slogan: "You Don't Know My Story" resonates in the hearts of women young and old.

Her characters are skillfully developed, and you are walking in
their shoes-you are there with them as they blunder through life. Her books touch on mental illness, religion, and suicide just to name a few. Everyone should read her cautionary tales. Her passion for mentoring has made her a sought-after
motivational speaker.
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