The Centepde™ game concept was developed by; Andrew Becker.

Centepde™ is an extensive-form game in game theory in which two to four players alternately get a chance to take on many characters on each level, establishing several weapons, strength, and other effects as it conquers cities worldwide. It is arranged so that if a player earns weapons or life, it can be carried on to the next game level. Players can receive trophies or more amounts of life every time it takes out it opponents. The Centepde™ game concludes as soon as a player completes all levels with full armor and life, with that player getting the larger portion of points. The game has a per-defined total number of levels, which can be achieved by playing the game.

About Centepde
Centepde™ is a elongated metameric creature with one pair of legs per body segment. Centepde™ the game is known to be highly venomous, and often inject paralyzing venom to other characters on each level. Despite the name, Centepde™ has a varying number of legs, ranging from 30 to 354. Centepde™ always has an odd number of pairs of legs and venom claws or forcipules formed from a modified first appendage. Centepde™ is predominantly carnivorous.
Multiple Game Levels Included
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